February 12, 2021

Importance of Rest for Your Immune System

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You can eat nutritious food, drink plenty of water, workout regularly, spend time with your loved ones, and enjoy your leisure time, but still fail to become the best version of yourself and succeed in life.
Well, because you are missing out on one important thing: rest.
Here’s why resting is essential for your immune system:

1.    Sleep Produces Cytokines

Studies by the Mayo Clinic highlight that your body produces proteins called Cytokines while you sleep. Not only do these proteins support sleep, but also help fight infectious diseases. These cytokines are also essential to fight inflammation when you get injured. But the inflammation is not necessarily associated with physical injury. So, you need cytokines regardless and you can’t get them without proper sleep and rest.

2.    Immune Memory

It is known that sleeping can help your learning and memory. But research by Cell Press has also suggested that sleep helps your immune memory. This immune memory is your immune system’s ability to recognize and counteract any dangerous viruses or bacteria within your body. But research is still being undertaken as to how sleep helps the immune memory.

3.    Vaccine Efficacy

Immune memory is also spurred by vaccines that literally prepare your immune system for a disease. However, research in the American Journal of Infection Control has shown that vaccine efficacy may be hindered when patients do not sleep and rest properly! This is why sleep is such an important part of any vaccine administration process.

4.    Allergies

Allergies are a major health concern, especially in the US, where about 40% people may have some form of allergy. A study by Danielle Pacheco shows that the lack of sleep is an important factor in the development of an allergy! In case of an already existing allergy, the likelihood of an allergy attack may increase with the lack of sleep.

5.    Obesity and Heart Problems

Increasing research is being undertaken in the domain of obesity and cardiovascular diseases and their link to the lack of proper sleep and rest. The underlying belief is that the lack of proper sleep and rest interferes with the onset of chronic conditions and obesity.


However, it must be noted that more sleep is not the end all be all. You need to rest an optimal amount of time daily to function effectively. In this day and age, where hustling is the trend, people forget to truly unwind, relax, and rejuvenate. This, in turn, adversely affects their life. So, make it a point to rest daily – you deserve it!


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