Are you ready to make some powerful and lasting changes?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Allow me to compassionately guide you through your wellness journey.  It starts with a commitment you make to yourself and it ends with you being a healthier you!   As your wellness coach, I will equip you with the tools you need.  This includes skills to boost your resilience, confidence, and aptitude, as well as effective strategies for overcoming obstacles and setting the course for your success.  With a focus on balancing the body, mind, and spirit, you won’t just set the right goals; you will reach them as we work together to maximize and actualize your full potential.
Aundra Sharp, RN, CWC

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I have some tips for you to stay Healthy And Well.

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See what clients are saying..... 

Aundra thank you for truly caring, that is making a big difference for me. As I continue to make the necessary changes in my life, when I slip, I immediately think of you, because you make me feel like you’re my #1 fan and that motivates me. To know someone really cares. Thanks,

Karen H

Aundra is the real deal, she has added so much to my life. Her knowledge, sincerity and kindness is amazing. Please know that anything you want to become, change or do requires work. She is hands on, but often says “ you have to do the work - I can’t do it for you” I am becoming a whole new person. I have changed many old habits and continue in my journey of being the best version of me. Thank you

Cynthia G

Aundra you have been my “unofficial” wellness coach for years. I remember when we first met through a mutual friend who shared that you were a registered nurse and minister... Years passed and I found myself going through a very difficult time. I remember reaching out to you. The moment I started talking to you, I immediately felt your warmth, kindness and sincerity. Well fastforwarding... you know the story, it didn’t take days, but rather months for me. But with your guidance, knowledge and compassion, you helped me tremendously. I am so happy that now you will be able to help countless people as an “official” certified wellness coach. I am forever grateful and can’t thank you enough!

Dana W.


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